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Thee Ones - Backyard Boogaloo

Track List

01. 77a

02. Jaguar

03. Soho

04. Dirty Stopout

05. Buckfast Ferry

06. I'm a Man

07. Fu Manchu

08. Pump Pump

09. Milestones

10. Scarecrow

11. The Moon

12. Night and Day

13. Rusty Rails

14. Indian Jailhouse

15. Daddy Dub



Nick Buckle - Vocals, guitar

Greame Owen - Double bass, straight bass

Rufus Fry - Vocals, harmonica, trombone

Graham (wolf-man) Barr - Organ, piano

Aron Attwood - Drums, percussion

Saskia Owen - Trumpet

Chipeye - Drums

Thee Ones - Backyard Boogaloo

cat# RMC20161501


CD Album - £10.00 +postage


Nu Rhythm & Blues / Soul / Funk



Great music must be real and come from the soul, without compromise or restriction. It can not be contrived or faked!  And Thee Ones play from the soul with all their heart and follow this rule as gospel. Taking inspiration from 50's and 60's Soul, Latin and Blues their collection of original songs ring out like classics, bursting with howling harmonica and awash with psych powered hammond organ.


“I hear blues, I hear rockabilly, I hear New Orleans and Texas, I hear jazz and funk but most of all I hear Thee Ones.” - Paolo Hewitt


“The new recordings are fantastic a real old school groove and production and that’s from a funk

and soul DJ of 25 years.”



The Gate Lodge, Hawkwood College, Wick Street, Stroud, UK GL6 7QN


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