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Square Bomb - Kitchenette (vinyl)

Track List:

01. Transmission Baby

02. Real Thing

03. Equal Opportunity Friend

04. Scars

05. Deal With Me

06. M


07. Mr P

08. Start Don't Stop

09. Heartbreak

10. Like Me

11. WW1



Uta Baldauf - Vocals

Pav Kyriaccou - Guitar

Nick Buckle - Guitar

Wag awaga (Neil Arthur Electronics) - Backing tracks

Square Bomb - Kitchenette

cat# SBCV20161501


Vinyl Album - £15.00 +postage

The 3 members of Square Bomb in monotone


Post-Punk / Lo-Fi



Square Bomb is the obvious outcome of modern living. Fill your head with Fuzz and Escape.

Their songs, sung by vocalist / performance artist, Uta, are like a box of cut-up headlines or a radio announcement splintered by interference. Nick and Pavs guitars make a choppy sea, humming and crashing on the rocks of the drum machine. Plug them in and light the fuse, only the hip remain.

The Gate Lodge, Hawkwood College, Wick Street, Stroud, UK GL6 7QN


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