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Square Bomb - Kitchenette

Square Bomb - Kitchenette

cat# SBC20161501


CD Album - £10.00 +postage

Square Bomb Image

Track List:

01. Transmission Baby

02. Real Thing

03. Equal Opportunity Friend

04. Scars

05. Deal With Me

06. M

07. Mr. P

08. Start Don't Stop

09. Heartbreak

10. Like Me

11. WW1


Post-Punk / Lo-Fi



Square Bomb is the obvious outcome of modern living. Fill your head with Fuzz and Escape.

Their songs, sung by vocalist / performance artist, Uta, are like a box of cut-up headlines or a radio announcement splintered by interference. Nick and Pavs guitars make a choppy sea, humming and crashing on the rocks of the drum machine. Plug them in and light the fuse, only the hip remain.



Uta Baldauf - Vocals

Pav Kyriaccou - Guitar

Nick Buckle - Guitar

Wag awaga (Neil Arthur Electronics) - Backing tracks

The Gate Lodge, Hawkwood College, Wick Street, Stroud, UK GL6 7QN


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