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Richard Bridge - Goodtimes n tha... - Album Artwork

Track List

01. Dub Blues - A Bridge Too Far.

02. Didge n Drum - Played at the same time ooof.

03. 42 George St - Goodtimes n tha.

04. Dub Blues revisited - Bridge Over The River Camel.

05. Bridgery didge.

06. Folk Crock.

07. Indian Summer - When I Waz 7.

08. Exeter High St Live 07



Richard Bridge - Vocals, didge, guitar, flute, keyboards, bass, percussion

Mark the Shark - Bass (Dub Blues)

Phillip Henry - Harmonica (42 George St & Indian Summer), slide guitar (Dub Blues revisited)

Sara Ratcliffe - Piano (42 George St), vocals (Indian Summer)

Tom - Trombone (42 George St)

Erin Ashley - Vocals (Dub Blues revisited & Folk Crock)

Audible Porno - Beatbox (Bridgery Didge)

Jean Brock - Vocals (Indian Summer)

Richard Bridge - Goodtimes n tha...

cat# RB20100801


CD Album - £10.00 +postage


Roots, folk, dub, didge, country, dance, gypsy, blues



“Produced, mixed, lost, found, hung up to dry, left out to sea and washed up in Cornwall"


Richard Bridge was always destined to be an artist, although he believed up to the age of 23 that he would be a painter like his parents. His love of music began at an early age. The first instrument he played was keyboards. He was then introduced to the guitar when he was around 14 which became his instrument of choice for many years until he first heard and played a didgeridoo at the age of 18 or 19.


Around this time Richard pulled up his roots in Devon and moved to Glastonbury where he was painting by day and playing percussion and didge by night. They were wild nights spent with mad characters. At this point he still believed he would be an artist but the didge was becoming more and more a major part of his life.



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